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Give your loved ones the gift of happiness

The Happy Things app helps thousands of users increase their happiness with simple, daily practices. Get you and your loved ones 1-year access to 100+ activities proven to make you happier.


1 Month, 17.5% Happier

Happy Things is an app designed to help you practice happiness as a skill. 

Sign up to unlock 100+ science-based happiness activities

Get daily reminders to practice your happiness

Improve your sleep, reduce your stress and boost your mood

Imagine a happier year

It’s never been more important to invest in your happiness than now. Happy Things turns science into happiness: we take decades of scientific research on happiness and turn them into bite-size, diverse, daily activities that anyone can fit into their life to boost their happiness. 

Improve your sleep, reduce your stress, boost your mood, and work on your relationships with Happy Things.

“Happy Things gives me hope. It's the best app I’ve found to genuinely lift your mood.”

Ciara, 32

Gift happiness with our best price

Happiness is best when shared.

Get the people you love the healthiest, happiest gift that will last a lifetime. 

Happy Things for 1 year

$26.00 (25% off)

Want to get 5 gifts or more? Contact us for a special offer

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