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Creating a movement of happiness as a way of life.

Happier people create a better world.
Happy Thing is on a mission to make happiness accessible to millions worldwide. We aim to build the most effective, personalized products to make this a happier, kinder world. 


Our Mission

To make happiness an accessible and teachable concept by building fun, effective and motivating products.

Our Team

“Happy Things is the product of my personal journey.
After years of looking for happiness in all the wrong places, I realized that, just as the saying goes, happiness really does come from the little things in life.

After extensive market research, I realized I wasn't alone.
Millions of people are searching for simple solutions that will help increase their happiness. I set out to create that solution, and help people live a happier life, one bite-size practice at a time.”


Talia Soen
Co-Founder & CEO


Noa Fenigstein
Co-Founder & CMO


Julia Smelansky
Head of Experience


Join us to lead a movement of happiness

Happy Things was built to make happiness accessible to all. We are leading a movement of happiness as a way of life, and are looking for talented people to join our mission.


Start practicing happiness

Your first week is free. Try it today.

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