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Happier employees
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Happy Things is the first platform that helps users practice happiness as a skill. Empower your team to live a happier life, and to create a happier workplace.


Simple. Motivating. Effective.

Happy Things helps employees improve their mental health, with science-based activities designed for daily engagement.

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Investing in mental health leads to a 4x return

A recent report by the WHO shows that every US $1 invested in scaling up mental health treatment leads to a return of US $4 in better health and ability to work.

Making happiness a habit


Daily activities

Simple, science-based activities, designed to seamlessly fit into your daily life


Minutes / day

Our simple and bite-size approach helps users develop long-lasting habits



Our users experience a 17.5% increase in their happiness score after 1 month


Happiness is a shared responsibility

Happy employees are more engaged, productive, and effective; and they contribute more to success and the bottom line.

Create the conditions for fulfillment, happiness, and effectiveness in your company, starting from $1 / month per employee.

Learn how Happy Things can support your team

Support your employees mental health and create better workplace culture and business outcomes.

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Start practicing happiness

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