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The smart happiness coach for women

Happy Things is the first platform that helps you
happiness as a skill. Learn how to live a happier life with simple, science-based daily activities, tailored just for you.

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Boost your mood


Learn how to make positive mood more steady in your life

Reduce your stress


Regulate stress and anxiety to become more centered

Listen to your body

Nurture your happiness with positive habits that fit your lifestyle

Practice happiness daily

Happy Things is the first app that takes into account your energy, mood, activity and hormones every single day to create a mental wellness plan that fits your body. Designed to improve your wellbeing, on your terms. 

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Considering everything that makes up your mental wellbeing

From major life transitions to daily hormonal fluctuations - the ebbs and flows of our mental health can sometimes feel daunting. At Happy Things, we take all of that into account and more to help you ride them safely. 


Cycle-syncing your wellbeing

Join our ongoing user trial

Learn more about your menstrual cycle and mental health, and participate in building a happier future for women everywhere.

Women-targeted mental health is behind in research and innovation. We're here to change that.

Happier people


“I haven’t been happy for a long time. Happy Things gives me hope. It’s the best app I’ve found to genuinely lift your mood without demanding a complete lifestyle change."

Ciara, 32, CA


“Happy Things is simple and effective. It isn’t too much to do or remember & it is more than successful in improving the lives of those who use it!”

Brittany, 29, NE


"I started using this app during a difficult time, both personally and professionally. I love knowing that I will do at least one activity in the day that will help me focus on the good things in life.”

Tishi, 38, MA


Check your happiness score

We each have a different starting point; find out what’s yours. Answer six short questions to get your current happiness score (based on the PANAS questionnaire).


Making happiness a habit


Daily activities

Simple, science-based activities, designed to seamlessly fit into your daily life


Minutes / day

Our simple and bite-size approach helps users develop long-lasting habits



Our users experience a 17.5% increase in their happiness score after 1 month


Start practicing happiness

Your first week is free. Try it today.

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