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  • Noa Fenigstein

Happy Things App Reports 57.2% Increase in Users’ Happiness Score

Wellness app Happy Things reports an increase of 57.2% in its users’ happiness score over a 7-month period of usage. A thorough data analysis conducted by the company, which offers bite-sized activities designed to help its users incorporate science-backed happiness practices in their everyday life, shows a significant increase in its users’ happiness scores over months.

Happy Things users are encouraged to complete a weekly in-app happiness “check-in”, which is based on the Positive and Negative Affect Schedule (PANAS) questionnaire, the most widely and frequently used scale to assess positive and negative affect. The latest data released by the company reveals that active users experience an increase of 17.5% in their score after 1 month of using the app and a 29.3% increase after 4 months of usage.

Wellness app Happy Things App Reports 57.2% Increase in Users’ Happiness Score

“We are delighted to see the immense impact that our app already has on its users,” says CEO Talia Soen. “Our goal is to create a movement of happiness as a way of life. Positive psychology interventions, or what we call bite-sized happiness practices, have been proven to increase happiness by thousands of studies. The significance of the data that we have collected is that these practices no longer have to be contained in a lab. They can be easily accessible to everyone.”

Happy Things was founded in March 2020. Since its first release to the App Store, the app gained over 8,000 users, most of them in the United States. Simple, diverse, and dynamic, the app is designed with busy, high-impact, high-stakes professionals in mind. The app’s unique offering is that it provides the framework and tools for its users to practice scientifically-proven activities on the go - making the science of happiness easily accessible to everyone. Happiness is multidimensional, and so the app does not focus on only one route to get there: the Happy Things activities cover areas such as mental wellbeing, relationships, physical health, and acts of kindness, providing a rich and rounded approach to wellness.

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