Encountered any issues with the app? 

Hi there!

We work very hard to provide you with the best experience to guide and accompany you on your happiness journey.

Unfortunately, like with any other app or digital product, we sometimes have unpredictable issues, which might take some time to fix.

Here you fill find some of our known issues, and ways to resolve them (is possible).

If you encounter an issue that's not described here, please let us know!

You can reach us at contact@happythings.app, or through the in-app chat ("Other Things" > "Chat with us")

Known issues (Jan. 2022)

Help - I don't see any Happy Things!

Some of our users reported that the "Today" screen is empty, and that they're not getting the daily Happy Thing. We're working to fix this! But in the meantime, here's a solution that can work (see screenshots below) - 1. In the bottom navigation bar, go to "My Things" 2. Select one of the previously completed Happy Things from the list, and click on it. 3. Click - "Do it again" 4. You will be directed to the "Today" screen, with the selected Happy Thing displayed. 5. Click "I did it" and continue with the app flow, when going back to the "Today" screen this issue should be resolved. If the issue isn't resolved, please let us know through the in-app chat ("Other Things" > "Char with us"), or at contact@happythings.app

Activities switch on their own

Some users reported that activities sometimes switch on their own. We're working to fix this, and it should be resolved soon! If you'd like us to update you when this is fixed, please contact us at contact@happythings.app or through the in-app chat ("Other Things" > "Chat with us")