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Why isn’t the Happy Things app free anymore?

We launched the Happy Things app in 2021 with the mission to create a movement of happiness as a way of life. As our company grows, we aspire to constantly improve our product and our users’ experience. Moving to an affordable subscription model allows us to spread the word and grow even further.


How much does a Happy Things subscription cost?


A subscription to the Happy Things app costs $30/year ($2.5/month with a yearly plan). 


As one of our first users, we highly value you and your feedback, and would love to give you a special price to keep practicing happiness.

Fill out a quick survey to enjoy a year of unlimited activities, with 75% off on your subscription*.

Additionally, if you're a teacher, social worker, healthcare worker, work for a non profit organization or similar, please reach out to us at - we have special offers for people who share our mission and help create a better world!

Sending love and happiness,

The Happy Things team

* Discount for the first year

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